Collecting: Hobby Or Addiction?

by Dolores Kuhnert
Volume 33 No. 1 - July/August 2006

One day I looked around the house and wondered, '\How in the world did I ever get started collecting all of these things?. I truly enjoy it, but I think it has become an obsession. My husband and I really enjoy the travel and friends we have acquired while collecting glass.

Years ago, I was visiting my grandmother and she offered me an old set of dishes she was planning on getting rid of. It didn't really impress me at the time, but I thought it is a set of 12 and I could use it when I had people over for dinner. It consisted of dinner plates, salad plates, cups and saucers. I took them home and put them in a high cabinet so they wouldn't be in the way for daily use. I thought some day I might use them, but I kind of forgot I had them.


My mother and father collected glass and on one occasion they asked my husband and I to go to a glass show with them. While there I saw these dishes and I remembered I had dishes that looked something like these dishes, but I had forgotten where I had put them. When I got home I looked around and found them up in that high cabinet, out of the way. I got them out, cleaned them and found they were really very attractive. Well of course we all know where that led me. The pattern was Manhattan by Anchor Hocking. I have since collected every piece in the pattern, as well as the look-alike pieces This led to many other collections.


Once I got all of the pieces of Manhattan, I had to have something to look for when I was at malls and glass shows, so I started some new patterns. My mother had a set of Rosepoint by Cambridge Glass Company. She offered to give that to me, so I began collecting that. I soon found that there were more pieces in that than I cared to have, so I collected some of the pieces, but now I look strictly for the tumblers and stems.


I also collect many other things besides glass, such as; Scotty dog items, food pushers, sugar cube tongs, Muffy Bears, Steiff Bears and other items. My husband has collected a set of pink Adam, green Block Optic, kitchen items plus red and green handled kitchen utensils.

It is a wonderful pastime and we have enjoyed many years of collecting and hope to enjoy many more. I hope the search never ends! Our next adventure will be at our upcoming club's show October in Independence Missouri. For more information you can visit our clubs web site: