Indiana's Number 608

by Dean Lowry
Volume 33 No. 1 - July/August 2006

Indiana's Pattern 608 is an interesting little luncheon pattern. The pattern is found in green, pink, yellow and crystal glass. You can find undecorated green and pink pieces. The only piece that has been found in yellow is the center handled tray. The crystal pieces are found with enamel decorations and etchings. Some green pieces have been found with Price list enamel decorations and etchings. What makes collecting anything a challenge, is the hunt for something special. Artura certainly has lots of interesting decorations to find.

Until recently, it was believed that there were only 7 pieces to this pattern. cup

  • creamer
  • 7.5. salad plate
  • saucer
  • sugar
  • center handled tray
  • footed tumbler

At right, you see a copy of the price guide listing that includes the sherbet.

At the recent NDGA convention in Waxahachie, Craig Schenning, the President of the Indiana Glass Society, was part of a discussion regarding this price guide listing. Within the hour, Craig 601 601 mentioned that he had just received an email from a friend on the West Coast about an eBay auction that was running at the time. The auction contained an Artura creamer, sugar and 3 small footed sherbets. Once the auction was finished and the items were in hand, it was easy to see that the sherbets contained all the characteristics of Artura. There are 9 sections around the piece and a double ridge between each section.

All the pieces in the auction were decorated with an etch that has been called "Indiana Laurel".

This same etch has been found on pieces of other Indiana patterns as well. The Artura sherbet is pictured above left. Above right, you see a view looking down into the sherbet.

601 To the left, you see a set of Artura that includes the creamer, sugar, sherbet, salad plate, cup and saucer. And at right you see a close-up of the "Indiana Laurel" etch.Laurel etch

Artura has also been found with a rose etch and an art deco enamel pattern. The one piece of Artura that is hard to find is the footed tumbler. Remember to look for the 9 sections and the double ridges between them. One of the easiest pieces to find is the center handled tray. It can be found with various decorations.

601 set cup and saucer