Harp (1954-1957) - Jeanette Glass Co.

by Joyce Nichols
Volume 26 No. 8 - April 2000

Time really does fly when you have committed to doing an article for each issue of the News & Views. Where did the four weeks since my last article go? Well, THEY tell me that "time really flies when you're having fun and who doesn't have fun when his or her life is filled with beautiful glass, beautiful nature, and beautiful friends that love glass as much as we do?

Harp 7 in vase This month, I want to talk about a nice little pattern from the fifties. O:K., the fifties were not in the Depression. Well, it was for me, because I was a new bride who was living on a school teacher's salary, going to graduate school, and sending a husband to college. My finances were very depressed.

HARP is the Pattern of the Month. This glass was made by Jeanette Glass company from 1954 through 1957. The primary color of Harp was crystal and some pieces were trimmed in gold. The cake stand, reminiscent of the older glassware, comes in a variety of colors and different styles. Over a dozen varieties of the cake stand have been documented: plain, ruffled, blue, iridescent, pink, and many variations in these colors and decorations.

There are only a few pieces in this pattern: cups and saucers, 7 in. plate, coasters (two types), 9 in. cake stand, a two-handled rectangular tray, and a 7½ in. vase (shown at right).

Evidently this set was promoted as a dessert set: Cups and saucers are extremely difficult to find and really the only plentiful piece is the cake stand.

When you see this pattern put together, it makes a beautiful display. Many collectors who want a fairly inexpensive pattern, with not too many pieces, find HARP to be the perfect pick. Each time I get a few pieces in my stock, I'm tempted, but then I would like to have ONE OF EACH! I suppose that I am a true collector!

I trust that I have whetted your appetite to look amorously at Jeanette's Harp Pattern. If so, go to it and HAPPY COLLECTING!