Red Riding Hood Pottery (1943-57) - Hull Pottery Co.

by Joyce Nichols
Volume 26 No. 7 - March 2000

Do you remember the story of Red Riding Hood and the Wolf? Well, during the years from 1943 through 1957, Hull Pottery Co. created a line of decorative and utilitarian pottery that they named Red Riding Hood. The color is a distinctive red and white with some other colors in the decorations.

Red Riding Hood shakers The most often seen pieces of Red Riding Hood Pottery are the cookie jar and the salt and pepper shakers (shown at right). Probably the most elusive pieces are the 11¾ in. handled casserole and the three-sectioned baby dish. Both of these pieces would command a handsome price.

The books list an advertising plaque, a standing bank, and a bank that hangs on the wall. Although these are not listed as extremely rare, I have not seen them in the years that I have been into glass collecting and selling.

Other pieces that were made were sugar and creamers, butter dish, biscuit jar, pitchers, spice set, teapots, mustard jar, marmalade jar, and matchbox, along with a nice set of canisters, a string holder, and a wall pocket.

If you have an unlimited budget, the patience of Job, and the years of Methuselah, you may be able to collect all the pieces that Hull made in this pattern, but be prepared to encounter many fakes and reproductions.

One piece that fits-into this set is the Wolf grease jar. This is a brownish bowl with the Big Bad Wolf on top. No Red Riding Hood line. would be complete without the Wolf!

One cookie jar that isn't so easy to find is Red Riding Hood with poinsettia decals on her skirt. Several years ago, I was at a show in Texas and a lady at the show bought a couple of pieces that were in my booth and told me that one piece that she wants very badly was this fairly rare cookie jar. I made a note of her wants and the very next week while browsing Renningers Market in Mt. Dora Florida, I spotted this very cookie jar. I paid a lot of money to satisfy her desires, brought the cookie jar home and began to search my want list to find to my surprise that I had written down everything that I needed except her name and telephone number. Now would I ever get this cookie jar the right person? I finally decided to have the bank find the check that she had given me at the show. I knew the day of the deposit and the amount of the check so the search was successful and I got her name and telephone number, made the telephone call, and made a lady very happy. The next time I came her way, I brought the cookie jar to a happy new owner (by the way, I learned an important lesson - two things are absolutely necessary on my want list - the person's name and some way to get in touch!).

I hope that I have given you another collectible to want! Go to a show, visit a mall, look on the internet. Red Riding Hood or the Wolf just may be waiting for a new home. HAPPY HUNTING!