Richard Curtis' collection of "Old English"

Manufactured by Indiana Glass Company

Photographs from the Wichita Glass Show, October 2004

Old English in BLUE ?

Here is Richard Curtis, holding a wonderful covered candy in blue. To his left you can see the start of his display of his Old English collection at the Wichita glass show in October 2004.

Richard and display table

Richard standing next to his eight foot table of "Old English" at the Wichita show.

Half of Old English display

This is just half of the display, showing the amber and green pieces.

Half of Old English display

This shot features the green items (green is the color most often found in this elusive pattern), and you can see the covered piece in crystal in the back at left.

Pink & red Old English

Here are the pink items, and notice the flashed-on red beverage set in back, along with the blue piece previously selected and displayed by Richard.

Latest Acquisition

The latest acquisition, a green covered sugar bowl that Richard received at the Wichita show.

Presentation of Sugar Bowl

The green covered sugar bowl was a gift to Richard from Jennifer and Scott Smith, of Broken Arrow, OK, who are dealers at the show in Wichita.