Westmoreland Glass Company Advertisements

Westmoreland Glass Company began operating in Jeanette, Pennsylvania in 1889 under the name Westmoreland Specialty Company. The company changed its name in 1924 to Westmoreland Glass Company.

The company continued production throughout the depression era, the war years, and right throught the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Two of the most sought-after patterns of the "depression era" are Della Robia and English Hobnail.

The peak production times for Westmoreland Glass came in the late 1940s and early 50s, when they concentrated on milk glass in every shape of tableware and ornamental glass imaginable. Fully 90% of the total output from Westmoreland Glass was milk glass.

There was a very difficult period in the 70s and to try and improve matters Westmoreland made glassware for other companies to market. They used molds and glass formulae from L.G. Wright to make glass for that company; and from 1973 they used old molds with new colors and finishes such as carnival glass for the Levay company.

On May 21, 1984 the company closed its doors for good.

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Thumbnail Description of Advertisement Thumbnail Description of Advertisement
Grape Pattern Grape, 1940 Milk Glass Milk Glass, 1948
Giftware Giftware, 1949 Zodiac Plate Zodiac Plate, 1950
Wedding Bowls Wedding Bowls, 1932 Milk Glass Milk Glass
English Hobnail English Hobnail, 1947 Milk Glass Milk Glass, 1958