Seneca Glass Company Advertisements

Seneca Glass Company was founded in Ohio in 1891. The name of the company came from Seneca County Ohio. The company began operations in the old Fostoria Glass Company factory in Fostoria, OH, but relocated to Morgantown, WV in 1896. Some of the early products included: nappies, water sets, vases, tumblers, barware, decanters, and sugars and creamers. Decorating techniques included: sand blasting, acid etched, plate etched, needle etched and cuttings. Seneca cuttings were often extremely complicated and quite spectacular. Seneca continued in business until 1982. It was briefly reopened by foreign investors, but they couldn't make a go of it and the factory completely shut down in 1983.

Seneca did a large business in specialty cutting and decorating. A list of their customers ordering custom decorations included John Wanamaker in Philadelphia, Marshall Field and Company in Chicago, B. Altman Company in New York; Tiffany's, also in New York, Richs in Atlanta and Neiman-Marcus, Dallas. Other customers included the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Boston, the Tudor Room of the Sheraton Palace Hotel, San Francisco and the Pinnacle Club in New York.

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