Pottery & China Company Advertisements

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Blue Ridge, 1940s Southern Potteries, Blue Ridge, 1940s Blue Ridge, 1948 Southern Potteries, Blue Ridge, 1948
Franciscan, 1957 Franciscan China, "Desert Rose", 1957 Franciscan, 1950s Nescafe ad featuring
Franciscan China, "Ivy", 1950s
Knowles, Taylor, Knowles Knowles, Taylor, Knowles, 1940s LuRay pastels 1940s Taylor, Smith & Taylor, "LuRay Pastels", 1940s
Russel Wright 1948 Russel Wright, "American Modern", 1948 Russel Wright 1949 Russel Wright, "American Modern", 1949
Russel Wright 1950s Russel Wright, "Iroquois", 1950s Russel Wright 1954 Russel Wright, "White Clover", 1954
Homer Laughlin 1953 Homer Laughlin, "Fiesta", 1953 Hull Ad 1930s Hull Pottery, "Water Lilly", 1930s
Vernon Kilns 1930s Vernon Kilns, "Modern California Pottery", 1930s Vernon Kilns 1938 Vernon Kilns, "Modern California Pottery", 1938
Roseville 1943 Roseville Pottery, Zanesville, OH (1943) Roseville Ad Roseville Pottery, Zanesville, OH (date unknown)
Rookwood 1904 Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati, OH (1904) Rookwood 1905 Rookwood Pottery, Cincinnati, OH (1905)