McKee Glass Company Advertisements

McKee Glass Company started operation as McKee and Brothers Glass Works, manufacturers of crystal glassware, in 1853. The factory was situated originally in Pittsburgh, PA from 1853-1888. Later, following development of extensive natural gas fields, the company moved to Westmoreland County and settled in a town which the workers at the plant formed. The town was named Jeannette (after Mrs. McKee). Jeannette is located approximately 27 miles east of Pittsburgh. When abundant natural gas was no longer available, Westmoreland County happened to have the largest soft coal mines in the country. McKee built up-to-date producers, bought a fleet of coal cars, and was able to keep in full operation during both world wars. Situated by the Pennsylvania Railroad, the company enjoyed excellent facilities for receiving raw material and shipping finished goods. The company continued operations as McKee Glass until 1951 when it was bought by Thatcher Glass Manufacturing Company and operated as a wholly owned subsidiary.

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Thumbnail Description of Advertisement
McKee Ad 1940s McKee Glasbake Sauce Pan, 1940s
(Prior to Thatcher Acquisition)
McKee Ad 1950s McKee Glasbake Basketware, 1950s
(After Thatcher Acquisition)
McKee 1950s Ad McKee Glasbake Items, 1950s
(After Thatcher Acquisition)
McKee Childs set 1940s McKee Hostess Tea Set, 1940s