A. H. Heisey Glass Company Advertisements

Augustus H. Heisey founded his company in Newark, Ohio in 1895 and began producing glass the following year. He had previously worked with and married the daughter of, George Duncan (of Duncan & Miller). The factory initially produced pressed glass that had the appearance of cut glass (EAPG), like many other companies of that time.

Eventually, Heisey began producing fine quality crystal glassware, applying the "Diamond H" trademark to most (but not all) pieces. The company made some spectacular candlesticks, and produced etched patterns (Rose, Orchid, Chintz) as well as colored tableware. Heisey produced many colors, but, surprisingly, amber was only made for one customer, Fred Harvey Restaurants, and other than that, few if any amber pieces were made by Heisey.

The company closed in 1957 and in 1958 the molds were sold to the Imperial Glass Company of Bellaire, Ohio. Imperial used the Heisey molds to produce some pieces, many of which were done in colors never made by Heisey. Imperial also produced the Orchid and Rose patterns using Heisey molds and etching plates. Imperial closed for good in 1984, and the Heisey molds were purchased by the Heisey Collectors of America.

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Empress Adv Heisey Empress pattern, 1930's
Etched Adv Heisey Empress pattern, 1930's
Etched Adv Heisey Etched glass, 1930's
Colored dinnerware Heisey Colored glass, 1931
Moonglo Adv Heisey Moonglo Cutting, 1940's