Fostoria Glass Company Advertisements

The Fostoria Glass Company began operations in Fostoria, Ohio, but in just a couple of years the supply of natural gas diminished and the company moved to Moundsville, West Virginia, where it continued operations until the plant was finally closed in 1983. Originally, the company manufactured kerosene lamps and lamp parts, but it soon expanded into other lines. The "American" pattern was introduced in 1915 and stayed in production up until the factory closed, making it the longest continually produced pattern in American glassware. Fostoria eventually became the largest glass manufacturer in the country. But as is the story for many American glass companies, foreign competition eventually led to the company's demise. Fostoria was sold to Lancaster Colony Corporation in the 1970's and production continued for a while. After the factory was shut down in 1983, Lancaster Colony contracted with another company, Dalzell-Viking, to continue manufacturing some Fostoria patterns (including "American"). In the early 1990s, all Fostoria new production ceased.

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Thumbnail Description of Advertisement Thumbnail Description of Advertisement
American American pattern, 1954 American American pattern, 1957
Pioneer Pioneer pattern, 1924 Christmas Christmas Advertisement, 1926
Sunray Sunray pattern, 1936 Flame Flame Candlesticks, 1936
Baroque Baroque pattern, 1937 Lido Lido pattern, 1937
Chintz Chintz etching, 1942 Chintz Chintz pattern, 1943
Mademoselle Mademoselle pattern, 1948 Laurel pattern Laurel pattern, 1948
Silver Flutes Silver Flutes stemware, 1948 Minuet Minuet pattern, 1950
Milk Glass Fostoria Milk Glass, 1954 Crown Collection Fostoria Crown Collection, 1960s
Melamine dinnerware Fostoria's Melamine Dinnerware, 1958 Melamine dinnerware Fostoria's Melamine Dinnerware, 1958
Tree Ornaments Tree Ornaments, 1960s Fostoria Argus Argus pattern, 1967