Duncan & Miller Glass Company Advertisements

Duncan & Miller Glass Company had its beginnings in 1872 in Pittsburgh, PA. It was founded by George Duncan, his sons Harry B. and James E. and his son-in-law Augustus H. Heisey (who later left to found his own company). John Ernest Miller joined the company in 1874 and remained the designer for the company for the next 52 years. He is the "Miller" in "Duncan & Miller." Operations moved to Washington, Pennsylvania in 1893 and continued in business in that location until the company was sold to the United States Glass Company of Tiffin, Ohio, in 1955.

Duncan & Miller produced the finest quality glassware, including etched dinnerware (Adoration, First Love, Indian Tree), pressed dinnerware (Caribbean, Sandwich, Canterbury, Teardrop) and occasional pieces including candlesticks and swans. Duncan swans are often confused with those made by New Martinsville, but there is an easy way to tell the difference - the bowl on Duncan swans is oval in shape, while the New Martinsville bowl is round. Furthermore, the swan's neck on the Duncan swan is connected to the bowl about ½ inch or more below the "point" of the oval bowl, while the swan's neck on the New Martinsville swan is set into a "V" even with the edge of the bowl.

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Thumbnail Description of Advertisement Thumbnail Description of Advertisement
Duncan Carribean Duncan Logo Duncan Carribean Reit's Department Store Ad
Duncan's "Carribean", 1936
Duncan Teardrop Duncan's "Teardrop", 1937 Duncan Sandwich Duncan's "Sandwich", 1939
First Love 1939 Duncan's "First Love", 1939 Adoration and First Love "Adoration" & "First Love", 1940
First Love Duncan's "First Love", 1947 Symphony 1947 Duncan's "Symphony", 1947
Duncan Hobnail Duncan's "Hobnail", 1947 Duncan Canterbury Duncan's "Canterbury", 1947
Duncan Canterbury Duncan's "Canterbury", 1950 Duncan Swans 1949 Duncan's Ruby color, 1949
Duncan Swans Duncan Swans, Date unknown Duncan Frost Duncan Frost - satin finish, 1934