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The Cambridge Glass Company was founded in 1901 in Cambridge, Ohio, as a part of the National Glass Company. They began manufacturing glass in 1902. Within a few years, the National Glass Company went out of business, and the Cambridge facility was purchased by its President, Arthur J. Bennett. Thereafter, business began to increase steadily and Cambridge purchased a nearby company, Byesville Glass and Lamp Company. Early production was pressed glass, sold under the trademark NEARCUT.

By 1939, Cambridge Glass was known world wide and showrooms were maintained in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Philadelphia and Dallas, Texas. Representatives were in 15 different states and several countries; London, England; Havana, Cuba; Toronto, Canada; Sydney, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand.

During the early 50's, demand for fine hand-made glass was decreasing, while competition and cost of manufacturing were increasing. In 1954 the decision came to close the plant. Shortly after closing, the company was sold to a firm from Akron. The plant re-opened in March of 1955. Sales were very poor and in 1956, Morrsion Industries Ltd. of Boston, Mass. acquired possession. Sales continued to be slow and with management problems, the company closed its doors for the final time in 1958. In November of 1960, Imperial Glass Co. of Bellaire, Ohio acquired the Cambridge name along with all patents, trademarks, and any molds that were left.

Imperial used the Cambridge molds to produce some Cambridge pieces, often done in colors never made by Cambridge. Imperial also produced the Rose Point pattern using Cambridge molds and etching plates, marking the pieces with a label reading "Cambridge by Imperial." Imperial closed for good in 1984, and the Cambridge molds were purchased by a number of different companies, among them were Mirror Images, Summit Art Glass, Fenton Art Glass, Mosser Glass, and Boyd Crystal Art Glass. Variety Glass Co. purchased the original Cambridge molds for the pharmaceutical line. Many of the molds were purchased by the National Cambridge Collectors, Inc.

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Cheese Preserver Cambridge Cheese Preserver, 1940s Cheese Preserver Cambridge Cheese Preserver, 1940s
Cheese Preserver Cambridge "Hanover", 1941 Misc glass Cambridge Glass, 1946
Cheese Preserver Cambridge "Sea Gull", 1947 Misc glass Cambridge "Candlelight", 1948
Cheese Preserver Cambridge "Rose Point", 1940s Misc glass Cambridge "Rose Point", 1952
Cheese Preserver Cambridge "Caprice", 1947